Film care tips in cold weather

Film care tips in cold weather

​​When taking cold-weather classics, your film needs a little nurturing to be able to snugly handle the chill. Here’s a rundown and winter photography inspiration on how to warm, shelter and treat your Polaroid camera and film while capturing the season’s festive beauty.


Your winter warm up

Polaroid film is best stored in the fridge to keep that chemistry stable. When it’s time for your winter photoshoot, take it out and let it settle to room temperature (around 20°C / 68°F). Cold film = photos with a blue tint. So warm it up a bit, before you head out.


Shelter your Polaroid film from the cold

Like most of us, Polaroid film doesn’t love rain and sudden changes of temperature. Always load your film inside at room temperature to keep out the moisture and cold. If the film goes lower than 13°C (55°F), your photos can come out looking all chilly.


Wrap it up in winter

We all like to feel toasty when the mercury drops; your camera is no different. Prime it for catching winter moments by keeping it close to your body. Wrap it up in a cozy place like a scarf, hat, or backpack to keep it ready for action.


Get in the groove

It’s the way you warm it. Once you’ve taken your winter pic, let it rest under the film shield for a few seconds, then gently place it in a pocket close to your body. Keep it straight; never fold, shake or bend the photo. Your body heat’s just right to nurture a winter classic.

Making moves in cold climates? Keep your Polaroid camera close to your body to ensure you’re always ready to warm when required. Our cases and straps keep your camera safe, secure and stylish. Stock up on film before your winter escapades.

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