How to get creative with your Go Gen 2

How to get creative with your Go Gen 2

ur teeny-tiny Polaroid Go Generation 2 Instant Camera has always been packed with creative potential, but now we’ve also upped its tech specs to match (woot woot!). But the real creative genius comes from you. So, let’s grab life in analog, play with all the new features, and help you elevate your image-making.

Look at life through blue, yellow, or red-tinted glasses.

Brightness has everything to do with the success of using these filters. If you find yourself inside, be sure your flash is ready to roll. And for even more stunning pics, go outside at golden hour and warp reality with your chosen psychedelic twist.

Dancing in the dark.

At a concert? Having a cozy night? Or an evening adventure? Here are some top tips for low-light situations.

Shoot with a steady hand or set your camera down in a sturdy spot and use the self-timer. Bring in extra light sources, like a neon sign, or even your phone’s light. Have your subject move closer – flash on! And unleash all that untapped low-light potential.

One picture double the fun.

Hop on to double exposure mode with a triple push of the flash button. Capture two pictures onto just one film in a dream-like collage.

And for the best results, it’s fun to play with darker and lighter scenes and note where the different subjects are in your frame. In this way, you make sure they contrast and complement each other.

From selfie to self-portrait.

Haven’t got long enough arms? Can’t fit everyone in? Set the camera down, hold the flash button until the orange light appears and catwalk away. You’ve all the time in the world (aka. 10 hot seconds) to get into position to strike a pose – whether you’re cuddling your cat, dressing to impress, or mooning the camera. Capture your still-life portrait.

One in a million.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the person who makes it into the back of your phone case. It’s one of the best ways to showcase your favorite people (of the moment) and Polaroid snaps.

Capture memories, not fingerprints.

Safely store your Polaroid Go photos in an album that suits your style: red, black, or white. Share them in analog with the portable album. Flick through with friends without the worry of smudges or spills. And let the photos do the talking.

From the inside out, The Polaroid Go Instant Camera got the complete treatment. Looking for even more inspiration to get started with your creative endeavors? See what the Go can do in our Capture Real Life exhibition with the Polaroid Go Generation 2.

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