How to use the Polaroid I-2 Camera

How to use the Polaroid I-2 Camera

Polaroid’s first camera with built-in manual controls and sharpest-ever lens. We’re excited to inspire you to get the best creative results with this instant craft tool.

To get to know the Polaroid I-2, watch our friend and collaborator professional L.A. photographer Mia Moran show you how to get started with the basics, then take you through what each manual control setting offers you as a photographer. Read on for a simplified breakdown of what to expect from each chapter.

Chapter 1: How to get started

Taking you through the unboxing of this premium new camera, how to charge it and turn it on and off, which film to select and how to insert the film correctly.

Chapter 2: Getting to know the Polaroid I-2 camera

Diving deeper into the camera’s key features, including the integrated viewfinder display (with exposure meter), external display and flash on and off button to show how you can directly view all the information you need to take a perfectly imperfect Polaroid photo. Mia also introduces the menu navigation system for all 6 different manual modes.

Chapter 3: Take your first photos in Auto Mode

Everything you need to know to take your first Polaroid I-2 photo in Auto Mode using the simple ‘Hold, Aim and Frame’ method, which includes how to hold the camera correctly, focus lock / subject framing, making the best of natural light or turning on the flash and how to protect your final photo while it’s developing.

Chapter 4: Take great portraits in Aperture Priority Mode

Mia shows how to get the best out of Aperture Priority Mode for beautiful depth of field portraits where the person is fully focused and the background is blurry, as well as tips on selecting the right f-stop / aperture for landscape or architecture subjects that you might want in full focus.

Chapter 5: Capture movement in Shutter Priority Mode

Making the most of Shutter Priority Mode by showing how to select the right shutter speed and how to fix underexposure or overexposure for perfectly exposed photos. Mia also offers tips on how to play with shutter speed to get creative with motion blur.

Chapter 6: Get experimental in Manual Mode

Mia gets excited to show you how the Polaroid I-2’s Manual Mode is a photographer’s dream as it offers even more creative control. She demonstrates the EV Dial to brighten or darken and introduces the 2.5mm External Flash Sync Port for attaching an external flash in and out of the studio, as well as offering tips on getting experimental with light painting in this mode.

Chapter 7: Get creative in Multiple Exposure Mode

A fun feature of the I-2 is that you can take more than one shot (2-4 exposures) in only one frame of Polaroid film by using the Multiple Exposure Mode. Mia demonstrates how the camera will calculate the correct exposure for the given number of exposures and offers creative and practical tips on making the most of this mode.

Chapter 8: Polaroid I-2 after care

Now that you’re fully in love with your Polaroid I-2, caring for the camera and your creative best photos is really important. Mia takes you through how to properly dispose of an empty film packs, protecting the camera’s super sharp lens, cleaning the rollers, storing developed photos and tips on scanning and sharing your photos online using the Polaroid app.

We hope you enjoy making the most of the new Polaroid I-2’s full creative potential and feel confident enough to start shooting. With that in mind, why not get inspired by learning how to create beautiful portraits, or even how to use the multiple exposure with your new I-2?

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